Adam Levine spoke up when criticized for his Super Bowl undress

The leader of Maroon 5 thanked the fans for making his dream come true and the people who criticized him.

After the Super Bowl, Maroon 5 leader, Adam Levine, thanked him for his criticism. On his personal page, Adam Levine shared the photo with hundreds of lanterns flying into the sky creating the words “One Love”.

Accompanying the photo is the sharing: “We thank you all for giving us a historic opportunity to perform on the world’s biggest stage. We thank our fans for making our dream come true.” “And we thank those who have criticized us because these criticisms always motivate us to do better.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Adam Levine

At the same time, Adam’s wife, Behati Prinsloo, wrote on Instagram that she was “very proud” of the group and thanked the support of Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Maroon 5 was chosen to host the Super Bowl 2019 music night with guests Travis Scott and Big Boi. Right from the moment this information was released, many viewers signed against the hit owner, Girls Like You, who held this position.

As expected, Maroon 5 was unable to conquer the audience with the lackluster performance. The program was rated as lacking in life, too simple, strange playlist. It became offensive when Adam Levine unexpectedly undressed on stage at the back of the show.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Adam Levine

This moment caused a lot of controversy on social networks because of a reminder of Janet Jackson’s first round incident at the 2004 Super Bowl. “She exposed her chest for a few seconds and was ostracized afterwards. how could Adam Levine undress to show off his body like that? ”, many viewers expressed indignation.

This reaction is considered not too surprising because in the US, the issue of equality between men and women is a sensitive topic, easily creating mixed reactions. However, Levine fans also defended. They believe that Levine’s actions do not mean to lower the senior and the netizens have thought too far from reality.