Before Lady Gaga, the Super Bowl was shocking

From Janet Jackson’s disaster to Beyonce’s grotesque expression, the half-hour performance in the Super Bowl finals never lacked the element of shock. But for Lady Gaga, the shock this year is the spectacular of staging and talent.

Considered one of the singers’ most prestigious and desirable concerts because there were so many viewers, so it was not surprising that what was wrong in the show between the two rounds of the Super Bowl finals. of the National Rugby League (NFL) has always been public attention and recorded in the annals of the music world.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s show this year is no exception. On the night of February 5, Texas, diva Lady Gaga captured the NRG Stadium in Houston when she had a spectacular singing and performing performance inspired by the late pop king Michael Jackson. First is the scene of swinging the heart from the roof and then the grand stage.

She also did not forget to call her parents’ name in the middle of a song and had a spectacular ending move after the fireworks display. The solo lasted 13 minutes with 5 songs. All Gaga did was to let the audience “can’t forget” his performance, or else he could not lose to the previous entertainers at the Super Bowl, from Janet Jackson to Beyonce.

That’s why at the press conference, Lady Gaga was very nervous when the pressure was on her show, ie how to set up a “new miracle” in the Super Bowl tradition.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lady Gaga

Remember, when Beyonce went on stage as the member of Destiny’s Child in Super Bowl 2013, the expressions of her face exemplified what the group wanted to convey to the audience. That is the peak energy of the dance, of the dance. As if it wasn’t dramatic enough, Beyonce’s hair was even blown by the wind like she was running through a tunnel. This impression will last forever. Millions of people watching live on TV enjoyed the laugh.