Bowling – A definite discipline to try in the WeFit system

Ranked 3rd in the top of noble disciplines, after tennis and golf, Bowling is a true sport that is becoming increasingly popular today. It may seem like a simple sport and entertainment, but Bowling is a sport that is not easy to tame at all. To play this game, you need to improve both the technique and the strategy of how to throw at least as many times as possible to knock out all the wooden bottles.

Besides, this simple-looking subject brings a lot of benefits. Bowling helps muscle trainers. Although it is merely a dribble, few know that a dribbling is a complete exercise. Bowling moves combined with walking exercises, and the movement of both hands and the concentration of the whole body when it is necessary to finish bowling.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bowling

Bowling is a great discipline to improve heart health, enhance respiratory ability. And finally, the greatest benefit that Bowling brings is probably the ability to improve the mood of the player. The biggest difference compared to other practice subjects, Bowling is a discipline to “have fun” to bring players a sense of comfort, improve mood, reduce stress and always keep a positive attitude.

Bowling helps trainers burn calories effectively. According to the research, each time of bowling will help people burn 240kcal / hour, because the movements when bowling from running, throwing the ball until completing the movement helps promote balance in the body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bowling

Normally, standard bowling balls will have 3 holes to put their hands in. The fingers used to pierce the bowling ball include the middle finger, ring finger and thumb. The middle two fingers are pierced into the flooded hole until the second knuckle is counted from the tip of the finger. The thumb floods the entire finger. This is a popular way of holding bowling balls.