Bowling and perspective on life

Playing Bowling, you will learn more about life than knowing how to pour 10 batteries. The bowling alley is straight and almost flat but it is not so. You will face many different types of oil on the floor.

Thin, thick, dry or wet oil will cause you to miss the target or even splash into the groove. That’s not to say the bowling alley is bumpy or bumpy that you can’t see or deceive your eyesight.

If you look at Pin away from the lane to aim, most of you will throw. Instead that, you should use arrows in the lane, which are only about a meter away from you. It is the best way to aim for any bowling player at any level. Yet few people know that.

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Dropping 10 pins depends not only on your strength or speed, but is largely determined from the moment you start and move. Timely pacing and kicking the ball will help you get 90 percent Strike. So, you should persevere and believe in yourself. Strike will come when you finish each spare perfectly.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bowling

Strike after every shot is something every bowler dreamed of, but we can’t always succeed. However, you can still Spare on the second fight. So don’t be too obsessed with Strike and forget about Spare the remaining batteries on the floor. The winner of a bowling game has the highest score after a maximum of 12 rounds.

Respect the batter in the next lane and wait for them to finish hitting the ball. If you are on the ball and the bowler in the next lane goes up, you will lose focus on your pitch as well as your chance to strike. It is the minimum courtesy on the bowling alley.

The bowling alley will constantly change, rolling the ball many times on the lane as well as the weather and humidity will make the oil layer on the lane change very quickly. It causes your ball to go wrong.