Brands align with Super Bowl XLII

Super Bowl – America’s annual big football tournament, held on Sunday, February 3 this year – is a super brand with its own privilege. The National Football League has taken the Super Bowl image very carefully because it is not only one of the world’s major sporting events but also one of the basic branding platforms of world.

Super Bowl figures are staggering. The average audience for this US live television event is over 90 million. According to the NFL, about 1 million people in 230 countries watch the Super Bowl. Each Super Bowl is romanized – this year is XLII (42th time). Every year, NFL produces a variety of food products based on the Super Bowl logo that are sold on an online store.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

In terms of brand advertising, Super Bowl has created a great reputation. This year, advertisers will spend about $ 90,000 per second and $ 2.7 million for 30 seconds appearing on television. But they are still willing to pay. Why?

“The media doesn’t have the same range of ads as Super Bowl has. You can see the integrated entertainment program on TV is getting worse. ”Tom McGoven of Optimum Sports said in an interview with Wall Street magazine. Optimum Sports is a media buying company that has bought about 25% of the advertising time at this year’s Super Bowl.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

Despite the rush of buying media channels, a brand advertiser only actually pays about 3 cents per American audience thanks to the immense Super Bowl audience. The research shows that the audience only really wants to see the ad. A survey conducted a few years ago by US market researcher Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates said that 58% of Super Bowl viewers would rather miss a few matches than a commercial.

The long-term consequences of brand appearance during the Super Bowl season are also quite large. The Super Bowl advertisements are heavily screened – so much so that it turns into a commercial, not a match anymore. It became the only topic in office talks on Monday morning after the match. This year, that influence will continue to last even longer. MySpace will partner with Fox for the first time – the match broadcast network – to post Super Bowl ads.