Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL

NFL (National Football League) is the US national rugby league, which is the default playing field for men. However, NFL history is about to turn to a new page when female player Carli Lloyd shows that. You should refer to the skills of playing from Super Bowl to gain more experience in online casinos.

She is not inferior to any male colleague and is receiving the support of many American NHMs to become the first female player in NFL history.

While Europe is reeling with the flow of football, in the US, the country where rugby is the No. 1 sport, has also appeared a very attractive story.

Carli Lloyd, người viết trang sử mới cho NFL

It is the event that female player Carli Lloyd is widely supported by the American NHM to become a professional rugby player and will even play in the US national rugby championship.

First we need to clarify two things. Firstly, Carli Lloyd is not a football player. She is a football player, this year … 37 years old. Lloyd has won the World Cup with the USA twice and won the Olympic gold medal in women’s football twice.

Secondly, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league, and no female players have ever competed with male colleagues. Here, Carli Lloyd was challenged by male colleagues to show off their football skills. And she surprised all when scoring a goal from a distance of … 54 meters.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl\

It was a very difficult kick in the middle line – something that not many male players can do. Incidentally, an Eagles player filmed Carli Lloyd performing this kick and launched it online. Immediately it created a fever.

Since the video was released online, not only Eagles fans, but rugby fans throughout the United States have been sending messages of encouragement to Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is completely skilled enough to compete and make history.