How Oreo succeeded in marketing in the Super Bowl during a power outage

Enjoying sports on TV screens today has become an advanced experience, requiring advertisers to do more than just run ads to attract the attention of viewers. They need to follow Twitter and other social networking sites to promptly evolve. And in the Super Bowl Sunday night of 2013, no one had a more impressive performance than Oreo.

In the 34 minutes of power outage in the Super Bowl XLVII, the brand of sandwich cookie brand jumped out. They tweeted an advertisement with the content “Power Out? No Problem. ”with an image of an Oreo cake in dim light.

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So how can Oreo impress in the dark scene so quickly? It turned out that they had an entire 15-person media team ready to respond to every situation in the Super Bowl – whether it was a top match or a light bulb off! So not only do they run ads on the screen during the game. But their copywriters, artists and strategists are always ready to respond promptly to any situation within 10 minutes.

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Oreo’s communication team has several plans prepared. For example, they have two different versions to tweet about the winner of that day, one with the San Francisco 49 color, the other with the Baltimore Ravens color. A spokesman for Mondelez, Oreo’s parent company, said it was too early to know how the ad would affect sales. But Hofstetter noticed that 24 hours after the game ended. If you search for the keyword “Oreo” on Twitter at that time, the results will appear incessantly. Too great !”

When advertisers spend nearly $ 4 million to win an ad in big matches, responding promptly to real social situations is a smart way to reach out to users by phone and computer – in particular, a pre-match survey found that 36% of people watch Super Bowl through TV screens