How to show the Super Bowl mid-hour show can be set up in just 6 minutes

Patrick Baltzell has been the sound engineer for the biggest event in the US for the Super Bowl for decades. Not only is he a Super Bowl sound specialist, he is also responsible for the acoustic design of other events such as the Grammy Awards, Oscar awards ceremonies or presidential ceremonies.

Millions of people all over the world and those in the stands watched the Super Bowl, applauding athletes, performers or singers of the National Anthem, but who knows the silent people have been doing their best for months to customize, set up a stadium-scale sound system, allowing them to spread to any corner in the most detailed and clearest way.

That likes a construction project. First we will survey the previous location for about 6 to 8 months and calculate in detail how and where we will arrange the necessary things. The location of speakers and amplifier is very important and cannot be faulty, because when we practice we only have 6 minutes to do it.

6 minutes? That’s right. The break between the two rounds of the match will be about 6 to 7 minutes and this is the only time to build for the show on the field. We will get the help of our own engineers working on the field to drill and wire properly.

In a normal match, 2 broadcasters will be required, however, because the Super Bowl serves 180 countries and 25 languages, it will take 25 broadcasters to interpret at the same time. To put it more simply, how can I take control of all the speaker systems for the national anthem, the mid-hour show, and then switch back to the ball, the referee, the announcements or various things fine.

It was a show with Prince. We have prepared and placed all 16 ~ 18 loudspeakers with different speaker sizes to make sure that the sound can be transmitted anywhere on the stands. It was almost done, but Prince and his sound team finally brushed off their hands and said, “This is not the way we want to.

We have the experience of making stadiums better than you guys. You guys will need this giant array of speakers like this “. I have to try my best to convince them if not for the cancellation show because there is no time to rearrange from the beginning. If not, I have to re-examine the position, which we started working on it’s over 6 months.