Michael Porter Jr.: Mitsui Hisashi came out from

It is hard to accept that Michael Porter Jr. living with herniated disc at a young age, like the situation Mitsui Hisashi experienced in the famous Slam Dunk basketball series.

While contemporaries such as DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley III are being highly rated, Michael Porter Jr. become the biggest potential risk for NBA Draft teams this year. The main reason is that Michael Porter Jr. was soon familiar with the trauma scene.

The situation of Michael Porter Jr. right now is no different from Mitsui Hisashi, a talented player interrupted with basketball due to a serious knee injury in the Slam Dunk comic book series.

Michael Porter Jr.: Chàng Mitsui Hisashi bước ra từ Slam Dunk - Ảnh 4.

That was what Mitsui had declared when he was wet and shameless at Shohoku High School, which at that time was not highly regarded for basketball. Mitsui Hisashi plays basketball with the ambition and great dreams that any sports talent has. 

Before joining Shohoku, Mitsui Hisashi alone led Takeishi High School to win the provincial championship and received the MVP title. Although there were many opportunities to join the strongest basketball schools like Kainan, Ryonan or Shoyo, Mitsui decided to choose Shohoku because of respect and admiration for coach Tibuchi.

Michael Porter Jr.: Chàng Mitsui Hisashi bước ra từ Slam Dunk - Ảnh 5.

However, a serious knee injury at a training session indirectly robbed Mitsui of the opportunity to compete. Due to being too impatient to return to express herself during the trauma treatment process, Mitsui indirectly caused herself to suffer a severe knee injury. 

High school MVP once became discouraged, hated basketball, and then began to fuss and become a leader of a street gang. But fortunately, because of the influence of “genius crazy guy” Hanamichi and Tibuchi teacher, Mitsui Hisashi once again returned to basketball.

Mitsui Hisashi has interrupted basketball passion, stemming from impatience.

By this time, Mitsui was no longer in the position of the best player because of abandoning basketball for so long, while other players like Shinichi Maki (Kainan) or Kenji Fujima (Shoyo) had reached another level. With his knee greatly weakened by injury, Mitsui still contributed great throws to help Shohoku overcome many difficult situations in matches. 

The culmination of Mitsui’s talent was best sketched by the author in the quarterfinals of the national tournament before Sannoh. Mitsui’s throws helped close the gap to nearly 20 points against Sannoh, and Rukawa Kaede was the one who threw the decisive shot for Shohoku to win against Japan’s strongest high school team.

So Michael Porter Jr. Like where is Mitsui Hisashi? Although different in injury format, Porter Jr. and Mitsui leveled off on basketball potential due to injury. Even the injury that Porter Jr. It is much more serious than Mitsui.

In terms of talent, Porter Jr. It would definitely be much more than Mitsui. Michael Porter Jr. is still one of the top rated talent in the 2018 NBA Draft, and Mitsui is just a fictional comic character created by Takehiko Inoue.