Millions of people around the world follow the Super Bowl on Sunday

An American champion Super Bowl – is the largest sporting event in the United States, attracting the attention of a growing global audience.
An excellent performance on this Sunday will determine his previous commitment to becoming an elite quarterback.

More than 100 million people in the US and around the world are expected to turn on the TV on Sunday. They want watch Baltimore’s Ravens confrontation match and San Francisco City’s 49ers team on the New Orleans Superdome stadium , Louisiana. This is the 47th Super Bowl.

The match takes place between two energetic teams, with a strong defense and leading quarterbacks. Quarterback is the person who holds the spearhead position of a rugby team.

The Baltimore Quarterback Joe Flacco, who has experienced many important playoffs during the five seasons of the American Football Federation, has brought his career to a high level. He scored in three of his team playoffs this season, including eight goal passes and no stoppage time.

While Flacco competes in a traditional style, San Francisco’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick is more flexible with great passes and dynamic running skills. He is one of the quarterback who is revolutionizing football with their multidimensional abilities. Kaepernick brought his team to a record 7-2. In these 9 games, he had 13 passes to score goals and only 4 were prevented.

This time there was a family dispute. For the first time in four major US professional sports tournaments – including hockey, basketball, baseball. John Harbaugh that’s coach of the Baltimore team and Jim Harbaugh, the San Francisco coach is brother to each other.

They tried to mitigate their family competition, but their relationship was difficult for the media to avoid mentioning. Their father, Jack Harbaugh, is also a coach for decades at college level awards.

However Lewis was stuck with criminal records. He was prosecuted for murder and aggravated in a brawl after a Super Bowl match in 2000. He had exchanged these charges into a crime of obstructing the public when he declared against the two defendants. other. He tried to rebuild his image somewhat by a public statement that he would devote his life to God.