Over $ 150,000 for 1 second of Super Bowl advertising

CNN noted that in order to have a 30-second broadcast of TV commercials this year, US companies had to spend a record amount of $ 4.5 million.
Super Bowl itself – the annual annual rugby league in the US – has been a super brand. Because of every second of advertising, the company lost $ 150,000.

The Super Bowl brand image is taken care of by the National Football League not only because it is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, but also because it is one of the forums. Brand promotion of the most magnificent.

Although the number of US TV commercials decreased compared to the past, but the Super Bowl, the most anticipated event this year, it may raise the revenue to over 331 million USD compared to 2014.

However, the director of NBC TV channel said that such broadcasting costs is still a bargain for companies, because the estimated commercial value that advertising plays in the middle of the hour is estimated up to 10 million USD, double the amount that companies have to spend.

Super Bowl statistics make people stunned. The average audience watched each live show up to more than 90 million people. According to the NFL, about 1 billion people over 230 countries watch Super Bowl.

Therefore, a brand that appears on Super Bowl will retain a lasting impression in the audience. Advertising on the Super Bowl covers media channels, so new ads are the main commentary in the workplace, not the match.

American businesses are not afraid to spend a lot of money to attend this Super Bowl season. For example, Budweiser brewery invested in a model of Pacman, a version for the City of Los Angeles, to serve the 60-second commercial of Bud Light beer.

Doritos snack company organized a contest for fans to find the idea for the most attractive 30-second commercial. Those who make the top 10 ads will receive $ 250,000 and honor seats at the finale. The person who won the most throne will receive a bonus of 1 million USD.