Rugby and popularity in the world

This sport seems very interesting but no less dramatic. This sport is played a lot in the US, so it can be said that it comes from the US.

It later spread to England, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. Today the sport has improved a number of new rules to be timely, and ensure the safety of players.

The players of each team take turns to attack and defend. And on the football field there will be drawing levels. Of the offensive team can get the ball to the next level then put the landmark there.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bongs bầu dục mỹ

If the team is attacking without scoring, the right to attack will be returned to the opposing team. Each team scores 6 points when that team’s player places the ball behind the opposing court’s touchline. After that, the team can earn extra points by kicking the ball over the goal.

In addition, the defensive team can also get 2 points if they successfully block the player who is carrying the ball.

The most important element of this game is speed and muscle. Players must be as fast as possible, avoiding the defense to place the ball. Therefore, touch phase and injury during play is unavoidable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bongs bầu dục mỹ

The pitch is right, but not as fixed as a football field. Usually 120 yards long. At the end of every two yards is a high goal like in Rugby. Sometimes the force of the foe is so strong that the pieces of iron attached to the helmet can be broken and thrown away.

In here, the tournament will be more and more diverse than rugby in the Sports section. And for the most part, rugby leagues have very high odds. Since the specificity of this sport is very unpredictable, most 3-door bets are quite high for both handicap and handicap teams.