Rugby underwear – the sexiest sport on the planet

Only launched in 2009 but the “Lingerie Football League“, also known as the rugby league for women, promises to cover the globe as much as football and basketball.

This young sport has a very attractive feature to attract the audience that athletes will wear … underwear when competing instead of bulky costumes.

Bóng bầu dục nội y' - môn thể thao gợi cảm nhất hành tinh

In America, baseball thrives. Super Bowl, the final of this sport annually brings the city hosting revenue to more than 500 million USD. Besides, it also attracts more than 100 million viewers sitting in front of television and is broadcast to more than 85 countries around the world.

LFL got the idea and came out of the Super Bowl. During the break in the Super Bowl matches, the girls dressed up as sexy and cheerleading girls playing with baseball balls caught the attention of TV viewers. It is one of the main reasons why the baseball game has a large number of viewers on the US television system.

Mitch Mortaza – a person who has a great influence on American sports has just come up with the idea to turn this form of entertainment into a real sport. Instead of bulky clothes like male colleagues, female athletes will wear underwear when competing with protective equipment at the head, elbows, elbows …

Bóng bầu dục nội y' - môn thể thao gợi cảm nhất hành tinh

Initially, the LFL had only 10 teams participating, but currently there are 12 teams participating in the US tournament. Each team will have 14 athletes, including 7 defending players and 7 others attacking. The matches will take place in 2 halves of 17 minutes each. Unlike other tournaments, the LFL mostly takes place in the fall and winter.

The teams will be divided into two areas, East and West, to compete with each other. The top two teams of the region will compete in the playoffs to win the championship. In the last two seasons the champion team has been the Los Angeles Tempation.