Super Bowl 2013: Pepsi and Bud join hands with the brand

Buying a place to advertise in Super Bowl has become easier. Two brands of bottled beverages are strengthening brand collaboration at retail stores using Super Bowl events to create unprecedented synergies.

According to Ad Age News, The PepsiCo band and The Anheuser-Busch InBev first put Bud Light and Pepsi next to each other in a new collaborative effort that AB InBev called the National Bet. Previously, AB InBev used to combine its beverage with PepsiCo-owned snack brands like Doritos and Lay’s and PepsiCo drinks never.

As official sponsors of Super Bowl and Budweiser Bud Light are also the official NFL beers band, these two beverage brands hope the signboard system will attract customers in those days. America was seething because of The Star Bowl.

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Branded marketing materials include a display system with two Doritos bags, two Pepsi bottles and two Bud Light bottles with a Super Bowl logo and slogan; “Super Bowl. Super Team. Super Party. ”

“The Marketing campaign and sales documents at stores are becoming more important. The simultaneous appearance of all three brands may promise to be effective”. That was said by John Sicher, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Beverage Digest. This information is indicated in the Ad Age interview. “Based on what they heard from Pepsi, they believe this can create a great competitive advantage.”

After that, PepsiCo increased efforts to introduce the company’s brands in connection with Pepsi. As part of the marketing effort, PepsiCo also made a commitment to this year’s Super Bowl, in which Pepsi was a half-time program sponsor with new brand ambassador Beyonce.

Meanwhile, AB InBev is taking advantage of the 2013 Super Bowl to introduce new beer products: Budweiser Black Crown. In most of the years, Super Bowl is the most watched program in US television broadcasts. Super Cup Sunday of the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events that is now considered de facto as the United States national holiday.