Super Bowl 2018 final and dizzying numbers

This is the game that hundreds of millions of Americans expect every year. In addition to its competitive nature, the Super Bowl is also the dizzying race of numbers that each year has a new record. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States takes the Super Bowl, the annual American football final between the New England team Patriot and Philadelphia.

Oversized American-style numbers: About 170 million people may follow this final. This star will be Tom Brady, who holds the position as Boston’s New England Patriot midfielder. Next is the music performance. This year, Justin Timberlake choose a show. Although not taking the fee, in return, a successful performance here will help the singer sell quickly and better his albums.

This is the highest income player in American football history. In 2018, Tom Brady is estimated to earn $ 75 million. He is also the husband of the famous Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen. It is also worth the audience to follow.

The average ticket price to watch the match on the stadium is 5000 dollars. But the Super Bowl final is also famous for 30 minutes of breaks between rounds. US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota is place where the Super Bowl American football match took place on February 4, 2018.

It is time for the ad spots to come in but with a terrible price: 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds of advertising. Advertisers dare to play so hard because 99% of American television viewers still watch the ads on the screen.

The game even took place in the kitchen: 49 million cans of beer, more than a billion chicken wings were consumed during the match. The next day of the final will not be so hot. 39% of television viewers will not work on Monday. This means the US economy will have a deficit of $ 3 billion.