Super Bowl 50 – the big play of American people

Indeed, playing is also very elaborate. The director of the national security agency must present to the security council of the White House. Dear that although the danger is difficult, the government cannot ban people from narrowing the great annual match. Well, let’s find a way to be careful. The enemy knows the time and place. Millions of people pulled together in one place, not conscious.

The state of California requires at least 1 army brigade except for security. From the station to the airport. From the ground up in the sky. The police are requisitioned to the maximum. Seventy-seven thousand tickets of the Levi campaign were sold out. The last night of the golfer ticket market also has to pay over 5 thousand. The average price is $ 3,000. But not local people can buy tickets. Not buying tickets early is okay.

Tickets are sold at the level of each type of audience. Governments, elected officials, sports officials, actors, teams and especially the teams of cities are finalists. Make sure there are tickets to take care of the vehicle, wear our colored shirt to flag, ring the bell.

Although only nearly 80,000 spectators actually went to see it, the four directions rushed to the former Kim Son Bay area with 9 counties receiving 1 million visitors. Most ensembles for 1 week in San Francisco. Friday night is party money. Saturday night is the preparation party. Sunday evening is a celebration party and Sunday evening is a parting meal.

Rich houses go by 220 private aircraft. At the end of the day three private planes entered the stadium space chased by the police helicopter to land at Livermore Airport. The middle class goes on a commercial plane or on a school bus. Those who save their hands will ride a dog, ride a tram and a motel, save money to buy tickets. There was a husband-in-law who told his wife, bought the last 17 tickets of 17 thousand, this term ran out of money to repair the house.