Super Bowl – A cultural phenomenon

If a person wants a glimpse of American culture, watching the Super Bowl will be the best place to start. American football game evolved from the intersection of football, called football with the rest of the world and rugby. A man named Walter Camp, who attended Yale between 1876-1882, is said to have set the first rules of the game, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The championship game of American professional football is the Super Bowl, the first game aired in 1967 as a merger between the American Football Federation and the NFL. The Super Bowl is completely Americana because it combines the competition of this sport, the lavish music performances of the top performers during the half-life and the entertainment value of advertising that the home Ads cost dearly.

This year, it is estimated that a 30-second ad will cost $ 5 million. Then there is the attraction of celebrities for sports and entertainment and ultimately, the spirit of patriotism. demonstrates, from the pre-game singing of the National Anthem of aerial fighter aircraft in the game. All of these represent the values ​​we hold as Americans.

Super Bowl LIII, between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, is expected to air at 6:30 pm ET on CBS this Sunday, 3 and there will be more than one million viewers at home. Super Bowl parties will appear across the country as friends and family gather to watch the annual scene on the big screen TV, drink beer and eat all kinds of comfortable food.

Not all of these viewers will watch a lot to see who wins or loses more to participate in what has become a national party. Some viewers will be more interested in watching extravagant half-hearted performances while others will be more adjusted to top-notch ads.

Even the rebellious theologian, Norman Vincent Peale, has been quoted as saying that if Jesus was alive today, he would probably be at the Super Bowl. However, I’m not sure he can buy tickets today but the average runs between $ 2,500 and $ 3,000.