Super Bowl – car advertising season

More than 100 million Super Bowl views will turn tens of millions of dollars into automotive advertising to be small compared to the revenue they achieve after the event.

For those who haven’t learned Super Bowl yet, this is the American Football League National Championship, the leading association of professional football in this country, since 1967 and often held on the first Sunday of February of the solar calendar.

However, the rugby championship image is sometimes overshadowed by advertising campaigns because the duration of these two content is equal. Many people only know the Super Bowl as an event that brings together the best promotional videos of the year.

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The 2016 event attracted more than 112 million followers and experts predicting the numbers for this year. This is the biggest reason for the big cars in the industry to invest resources, gray matter as well as finance to tell interesting stories about strategic products or broadcast long-term campaigns in next year.

In the Super Bowl history, one of the most successful campaigns is Chrysler’s 2-minute ad titled Imported from Detroit. Only on YouTube, this video has so far recorded nearly 18 million views. According to a report from Chrysler, the ad helped its sales increase by an impressive 38% in the following month.

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The investment may be even bigger as each automaker will lose $ 10-20 million to make a public advertisement. They will lose the same amount to capture the wave. However, each campaign not only appears on TV with over 100 million views. The ads also spread on social networks or at least 8 million users of YouTube. And then, the media will once again report that the coverage of Super Bowl ads becomes viral as much as possible.

These messages will not only reach Americans, but they will also reach global people through a wide range of communication channels. Success from previous seasons in promoting products has made both the car companies that have not participated and participated in competing for the golden time frames, though it may cost more than $ 5 million to appear only 30 short seconds. .