Super Bowl – Factors Determining Winning

For football fans, this is a match between the best in offense and the best in defense; The radio reports, television and popular articles in the newspaper all have a small part to talk about 2 brothers QB Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson, calling them the most important players.

Going further, the US media paid attention to two Seahawk coach Pete Carroll and Broncos coach John Fox, discussing the strategy and tactics they will put forward to win for Sunday’s soccer match is here.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

The things people have seen, heard, and read in the days leading up to the Super Bowl are not wrong, but they are not enough. Besides the coaching staff, the defense and offense of each guild, besides the two QB brothers that led the ball here, there are other factors to talk about.

Percy Harwin is one of the players who will play a very important role in this year’s Super Bowl. Although Seattle has a WR system capable of both running fast and shooting well, but Harwin’s contribution is something to be paid attention.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

After being knocked hard enough to leave the pitch against New Orleans, he will appear again in the next match, ready to join QB Russell Wilson. Although Wilson threw kisses 200 yards last week against the San Francisco 49ers, if he counted the last 6 matches, he would only throw 150 yards / match. Harvin’s speed and ability to catch the ball will help Seattle a lot.

Not missing the opportunity, the new player has 2 years of experience to show everyone his defensive ability and intelligence, helping to break the dangerous ball of the opponent. This coming Sunday, he will stand in the left corner, responsible for stopping WR Eric Decker, the player who made the record with 1,288 yards during the season and is one of the WRs that are trusted by QB Peyton Manning.