Super Bowl Halftime Show: J.Lo & Shakira were nominated at the Emmy Awards 2020

The nominee list for the Emmy 2020 awards ceremony has been officially announced. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were nominated for the performance from the Super Bowl halftime show.

The Emmy Awards ceremony is also known as the Academy Award in the field of television. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Not only can it be compared to the Grammy program or the Golden Globe Awards, but Emmy is also an expensive door that any artist wants to reach. Up to now, a few of the outstanding artists that have been fortunate to own this award are Taylor Swift, John Legend and Whitney Houseton.

And just recently, Emmy has officially announced their nomination list with a series of outstanding candidates of 2020. Among other outstanding talents of the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have excelled. win yourself a slot in the Outstanding Variety Special (Live) category. This nomination is thanks to the Super Bowl Halftime Show program. Therefore, they will compete with other contenders such as The Oscars, Tony Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Live In Front Of A Studio Audiences: All In The Family And Good Times.

The couple is also one of the rare singers on the list and with this achievement. This is the first time in their careers that both have been nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Congratulations to Shakira and J.Lo!

It is known that this is the 6th time in history that the Super Bowl Halftime Show will receive a nomination from the program Emmy. Before the excellent performances of Shakira with J.Lo, there were also Bruce Springsteen (2009), Beyonce (2013), Bruno Mars (2014), Katy Perry (2015) and Lady Gaga (2017) also nominated in the categories. different. However, up to now, the program has not officially won, but is only in the nomination status.