Super Bowl Halftime Show – The history of formation and development

Referring to the Halftime show, people immediately think of the King of America sport, Football. However, saying the “mid-show” program of the Super Cup tournament, over time, it has not only been the entertainment show for sports fans. But it has gone beyond the framework of the biggest league of the national flag, to representing Pop culture and music in general here.

Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Prince, The Who, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Lady Gaga … are the artists that NFL has carefully selected, performed before and mid-hour Super Cup matches. They are not randomly selected. Turn over the history of the development of Super Bowl and the Halftime show to better understand American culture and music.

If the American national rugby league was established in 1920, it was not until 1967 that the Super Bowl officially became the Super Cup match that was directed by the United States. The name “Super Bowl” was co-founded by Lamar Hunt, a former owner of Kansas City Chiefs and founding member of the American Football League. He set out, after seeing his son play “Super Ball” that’s a Wham-O product.

From the first years of broadcast, Super Bowl has become America’s most expensive television program. Super Cup Sunday is also considered to be the biggest Sports Festival and become a National holiday in the United States. Everyone has statistics on the amount of food consumed during the Super Cup Sunday here only after Thanksgiving.

Haftime Show from the first days has become a traditional show for every match, regardless of the level of the American National Football League. For the Finals, the Haftime Show, in addition to demonstrating the sports love of the American people, is also expected as a separate music program. It was separated from the framework of the tournament, and became the cultural beauty of the United States. In 2015, while the Super Cup match attracted about 18.5 million television viewers, the Haftime Show 49th attracted more than 20 million views.