Super Bowl LIII: Patriots for two consecutive years or the first time for the Eagles

Like every year, a few weeks before the Super Bowl, the media, gamblers in Las Vegas, as well as American football fans, all make predictions about which team between the New England Patriots and The Philadelphia Eagles.

They will raise a trophy for the Super Bowl LII that will take place on Sunday, February 4, 2019, on the US court. Bank Stadium, Minneapolos, Minnesota at 6:30 pm Eastern time, 3:30 pm California time and is broadcast live by NBC radio.

New England Patriots football fans have always believed that their team will achieve the second consecutive year of the championship of the number one sports in the United States when the team possesses a defensive staging team as well as a very aggressive attack. strong, especially quarterback Tom Brady continues to play well this season.

Despite being in his 40s, Tom Brady’s talent was unquestionable, being one of the two quarterback hands to win five Super Bowl games, and the only player to win all five NFLs for a team was New England Patriots. .

In this season’s season, the Patriots have shown their strength by making 13 wins in 3 defeats, becoming one of the four best performing teams of the NFL American Football League in the 2017 season. Then enter the playoffs and Patriots in Tennessee 35-14, then win the Jacksonville 24-20 to be present at this Super Bowl LII on Sunday.

So the Patriots fans have no other reason not to believe in their final victory this season in Sunday’s match at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the world supports the Philadelphia Eagles, after failing twice in the Super Bowl finals, believing their home team will not recreate the “overturned” scene, claiming no American city wants to have Get the Super Bowl trophy with Philadelphia city.

And if the reserve quarterback Nick Foles continues to play as well as the NFC table championship match, he and his team-mate beat the Minnesota opponent 38-7, the Philadelphia Eagles will have the championship trophy.