Super Bowl Promote the war

Super Bowl 50 will be the first national football championship to take place. Since then it has been reported that the majority of military hoopla in football games.

They honor the military and honor the wars that most people consider to be voluntary or as part of a marketing plan for the NFL. It really is a money making plan for the NFL. The US military has sold our millions of dollars, part of our recruitment and advertising budget.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

Of course, the NFL can in fact really love the military. It’s like he might love the singers that he lets sing at the Super Bowl coffee break. But it made them pay for the privilege too. And why shouldn’t the military pay a football tournament to exaggerate its heroism? It pays damn money near others.

The NFL Website Platform said: For decades, the NFL and the military have had a close relationship at the Super Bowl, the most watched program every year across the United States. In front of more than millions of viewers, the NFL celebrates the army with a unique series of in-game celebrations.

At least a big focus of the Super Bowl as the game itself is advertising. One special disruptive ad scheduled for the Super Bowl 50 was an ad for a war video game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

The US military has long sponsored war video games and viewed them as recruiting tools. In this ad, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows it interesting to shoot people and blow up buildings in the game.

If you pass ads, there’s stadium issues for the Super Bowl 50. They are not like most stadiums for most sporting events.

The idea that there is anything suspicious about covering a sporting event in military promotion is the furthest from the minds of most Super Bowl viewers. The purpose of the military is to kill and kill. That the last major wars that were ultimately opposed are the bad decisions from the beginning of most Americans,