Super Bowl – Some record numbers

When raising the silver trophy at the NRG Stadium in Houston (Texas), quarterback player Tom Brady will probably never forget his historic victory. By defeating Falcons (Atlanta), he and the Patriots (New England) have just set a record 5 times to win the Super Bowl.

Along with coach Bill Belichick, quarterback player Tom Brady also became the face of Super Bowl’s most glorious achievement (equivalent to Charles Haley’s 5 championships). America’s Super Bowl Rugby Cup is a record-setting tournament.

According to the information network Business Insider, this year there were nearly 115 million US viewers watching live on television competition.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

About 70,000 spectators bought tickets to watch the Super Bowl at NRG Stadium, spending a lot of money because the average entry ticket price was $ 5,216 (4,850 €). Class A tickets sell for $ 70,000 (€ 65,000). The VIP stands for guests with money amounted to a record $ 358,000 (€ 332,600).

On the stadium, although Tom Brady set a record with 7 times to join the Super Bowl and 5 times to win the championship. He ranked 27th ($ 13.8 million) among the highest-paid players.

According to Forbes magazine, Eli Manning New York Giants quarterback player tops the list with $ 24.2 million. Matt Ryan, the star player of the Atlanta Falcons team, came in third with 23.7 million dollars.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl

Also according to the Business Insider network, another record number is food and drink for the Super Bowl season. On average, people across the United States have drunk nearly 52 million cases of beer.

The 51st Super Bowl also earned about $ 400 million in advertising dollars. Each commercial clip has only 30 seconds, but because it shows hundreds of millions of viewers, advertisers have to spend $ 5 million if they want to broadcast live during the match.

Probably also because the Super Bowl has so much prestige, is watched by hundreds of millions of enthusiasts, so according to Forbes magazine, the American Football Association never spend big money on artists performing in the middle halftime.