Super Bowl stock market index compared to Groundhog

It is absurd to hear that there are many people in the financial community promoting backstage premise when it comes to the stock market. Last week the stock market finally had a long overdue pullback. In the minds of some people, whether this turns into something significant can depend on one or more of the following indicators.

Alas, there are other indicators. The Super Bowl Index says that if an original national football team wins the Super Bowl, the stocks will increase. If an original American football team wins, the stock will fall. In the past this indicator had a success rate of 80%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chứng khoán Super Bowl

Furthermore, Arch Crawford, the above quoted advisor, has been on CNBC many times. He has actually won awards sometimes outperforming all investment advisory services. Below is a video of one of Arch Crawford’s appearances on CNBC.

There are many stock market consulting services that ask for their forecast of astrology. This is such a service. There seems to be a book on the topic called Stock Market Prediction by Donald Bradley.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chứng khoán Super Bowl

The Wall Street Journal actually wrote about the book in the 1960s. Bradley’s immediate method of changing the market involves assigning a numerical value to the position of the planets and stars on any given day. Unfortunately, in recent years the Super Bowl has not been so good.

I am confused now. As Gilda Radner once said, “It’s always something.” The Groundhog said sell and Eagles said buy. Now we have to turn to other indicators to get straight answers. Perhaps the Polar Bear Plunge will decide everything for us? Although our fearless leader Chuck Stevens plunged over the weekend, there were no statistics of this event.

Wait, when I wrote this article, the stock market was rebounding from 250 to an almost positive opening. Go Eagles!