Super Bowl: What is special about BlackBerry million-dollar ad?

In order to have a 30-second capacity aired during the 47th Super Bowl match on February 3, 2013, major companies had to spend several million dollars. And this time, RIM also decided to spend heavily on advertising for BlackBerry 10.

The clip will contain content about BlackBerry 10, the new operating system for smartphones and tablets. This is a very important foundation for RIM because its success in 2013 will determine the destiny of this company.

RIM will also be holding an event announcing BlackBerry 10 and at least one new phone (likely Z10) on Jan. 30, a few days before the Super Bowl.

Since 1991, the advertising cost at the Super Bowl has been up to 6 digits and by 2012, the price for 30 seconds is 3.5 million. In 2013, the average cost was about $ 3.8 million. However, usually the actual number that participating firms had to pay was more than $ 4 million. In turn, that clip would be known to 111 million people.

Frank Boulben, marketing director of RIM, explained the Super Bowl would be a great opportunity to show how BlackBerry has innovated and redesigned to tens of millions of consumers.

One year before, Samsung decided to spend a lot of money when making the Super Bowl 2012 commercial when making a 90-second clip introducing the Galaxy Note phone and attacking Apple.

‘What BlackBerry Z10 cannot do’ is the content of the $ 3.8 million BlackBerry 30-second ad at the Super Bowl 2012 Super Cup. While most of the new device or platform ads are focusing on the idea that the phone can do anything, BlackBerry does the opposite: showing what BlackBerry 10 cannot do. Explaining this, the BlackBerry representative said that with a short clip at the Super Bowl, “showing people what BB10 can’t do” will be more feasible than “showing what it can do”.

In this ad, the young man took a Z10 on the street, set himself on fire and then extinguished it, then turned his leg into an elephant’s foot, disappeared in the colorful smoke and finally turned one. tankers into toy ducks. Those are things that BB10 cannot do.

It is worth noting that this is only a one-time advertisement of BlackBerry because soon they will have an advertising campaign called “Keep Moving”. This advertising campaign is introduced tomorrow in Canada and in March in the US, focusing more on end users. Unlike the Super Bowl ad, upcoming ads will talk about BlackBerry 10 features like TimeShift mode. For now, see what BlackBerry 10 can’t do.