Superbowl is still one of the most viewed events in the world

It is the fact that Superbowl has always been one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.

The Super Bowl is a match between the team that won the NFL national league and the AFL champion. Every year, the Super Bowl usually takes place on the first Sunday of February.

Not only meant to be a mere match, but the Super Bowl has also been the most notable sporting event in the world. Many Super Bowl matches are the most viewed television event in the US with an average of 100 million views. Among them, the 2011 Super Bowl was the most-watched live show in American television history, with 111 million views.

With such a big attraction, the Super Bowl also brings huge commercial revenue. Only the biggest advertising deals are broadcast during the match. For example, getting a 30-second commercial on TV Super Bowl requires up to 5 million dollars.

What makes Superbowl so attractive?

Firstly, rugby is the king sport in many countries including America. This sport has attracted millions of viewers all around the world. In the USA, Superbowl has been aired annually exclusively by 3 of the 4 largest national TV channels. And it is not wrong to think that the Super Bowl matches are an important cultural sporting event, which has a great impact on the lives of Americans.

Secondly, discussing commercials and game shows accompanying the Super Bowl is an interesting entertaining way for viewers.

Thirdly, the special performance in the Super Bowl Halftime Show is the big element that makes this event so attractive. This year, the great performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have made the ratings of the Super Bowl 2020 grew for the first time in 5 years.

The 2020 final saw a great increase in views and ratings

Accordingly, the entire Super Bowl Final – Super Bowl between the two teams New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams attracted 99.9 million viewers to watch on Fox TV, reaching an extremely high rating of 41.7.

Combining streaming platforms and other channels, the total number of viewers watching the Super Bowl Final this year reached 102 million. That means this event continues to be one of the most viewed events by American audiences ever on television. The ad price in this golden time also hit a record level of $5.6 million per 30 seconds.

As can be seen, Superbowl is still one of the most viewed events in the world!