The Super Bowl that Trump’s United States deserves

I’m not really sure why they’re bothered with this year’s
Super Bowl . Certainly, a group of people will earn a lot of money, tens of millions of us will be reflexive and we will find a rare common point about how fun the break program is.

But are we believers? Will we really see the winner as the winner – or just the glamorous survivor of a fuzzy process? Maybe New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams, the team will have an asterisk after its name. And that asterisk is a big sign of the times.

Of course, I am referring to miserable management, which is why patriots beat Kansas city leaders and Rams to defeat the New Orleans Saints, leading to a match in the final match against the Owner.

Next day The Ram was especially blessed by referees who did not pay attention and penalized a clear case of overcoming interference in climax minutes. I do not need to describe what happened. Its footage was broadly re-screened and thoroughly analyzed as the director’s movie.

And it promotes an intensity of resistance, an intensity of seeking souls and a depth of skepticism that goes far beyond the suspected crime. That’s where emotions about the Super Bowl and America’s mood converge.

We are still reeling from a colored presidential election if not damaged by unfair advantages, disrespectful and disrespectful rules, and here we have a Super Bowl color if not damaged by unfair advantages, inappropriate rules and disrespect. Many fans are denying its legitimacy – sounds familiar? There are conspiracy theories going on.

Americans are very disrespectful and do not trust the big organizations and governments that we intend to declare their fraud, and the National Football League and Super Bowl are at the end of that day. They are not new targets, not any goals. But this time we have lost all sense of perspective.