The Weeknd performed at Super Bowl 2021

Male singer The Weeknd will be starring at Super Bowl 2021, America’s biggest sporting event.

According to the Guardian, the Canadian singer said it was a pleasure and honor to be the main vocalist of the event. We all grew up watching the world’s biggest artists play the Super Bowl. He said in a press release Nov. 12 that everyone dreams of being in that position.

Rapper Jay-Z, the show’s music advisor, said The Weeknd introduced a new sound to the world. His music is unique and emotional and has shaped a new generation of music listeners.

The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, is a famous Canadian singer. He joined the music industry in 2010 and has sold over 100 million sales. The singer won three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard awards and received an Oscar nomination. His featured songs are Starboy, The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face.

The mid-time music night of Super Bowl 2021, scheduled to take place on February 7, 2021, has not yet revealed the plan of the organization due to its Covid-19 situation. Some sources said that the organizers plan to limit the number of spectators to 20% of the total number of seats. Participants must wear a mask and sit about 2 meters apart.

Super Bowl is a sports event organized by the American Rugby Federation since 1967. The program is most watched on television in America in many years. Many famous singers performed before and mid-match such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. Last year, the performances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira caused fever, which was discussed by the audience for a long time.

The list of nominations for the 2021 Grammy Awards has been announced, but the story hasn’t stopped there as The Weeknd expressed dissatisfaction and was supported by a series of artists.

As soon as the nomination list for the 2021 Grammy Awards was announced, the public couldn’t help but express their frustration because an After Hours album was highly appreciated by experts and achieved great achievements in the music market. like that, without helping The Weeknd get any nominations.