Two reasons why Super Bowl is not as beautiful as on TV

Back in 2016, before Super Bowl 50, I wrote an article that deciphered the fact that the highlights of the US sports calendar are not available for viewing in 4K resolution or high dynamic range.

Then I was suspicious that over three years and millions of 4K TV sales later, I would have to write another article about the fact that the Super Bowl STILL is not available to watch anywhere in either 4K or HDR. .This really seems confusing – for many reasons.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Super Bowl 50

For beginners, while 4K is still in the early days of 2016, this is absolutely a ‘thing’. For example, the latest study by the global technology research team Strateg Analytics shows that about 50 million US households currently have 4K TVs – many devices also support HDR. It offers wider brightness range and enhanced color.

Furthermore, sales figures show that this fast-growing 4K TV user base is being purchased at a larger screen size than ever before – in which the benefits of 4K are particularly obvious.

Microsoft and Sony have made an unprecedented move in the introduction of mid-generation hardware updates for the Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles that support 4K and HDR.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Quite a lot of large online video broadcasting platforms now stream TV and or movie programs in 4K and HDR. 4K Blu-ray disc format is not only released but also works before expectations. Setting top boxes that are capable of receiving 4K and HDR content has become popular.

Most often related to Super Bowl, 4K live broadcasts or live broadcast are becoming popular. This is especially true in the UK where I live; Here, for example, not one but two broadcast stations broadcast live 4K football matches (sorry, football!) weekly. Usually more than once a week. And our national television station, BBC, has managed to broadcast more than half of the matches from the last World Cup in 4K.

Canada, too, has become accustomed to regularly distributing 4K NHL matches. Even in the US, after starting slowly, the amount of 4K content for 4K TV owners is still growing fast. DirecTV started distributing 4K content since 2016 and has been involved since many other platforms – including, most notably, Fox Sports. Many online play / broadcast platforms also brought to the recent World Cup Soccer tournament in 4K. DirecTV has even made the 4K game play of college football since 2016.