What do Alexa, Siri, Assistant Google and Cortana talk about Super Bowl

With Amazon from Seattle, Alexa is a famous Seahawks fan, but Alexa predicts the Patriot will win today. Siri and Cortana predict a Patriot’s victory, while Assistant Google is rooting for the Rams. Let’s talk more about that later.

Alexa can help you with basic questions like “Alexa, who is playing Super Bowl” or “Alexa, where is this Super Bowl this year?” If you know, you can say “Alexa wants to quiz me about the Super Bowl.”

There are also some existing features that can be used in Super Bowl. My favorite reality must be creating habits. Using habits – customizing to perform multiple tasks at once – and Alexa application, you can play the Patriotic group or Ram song every time they touch just by saying “Alexa, touch down!”

Siri can meet the basics like the Super Bowl wants to be (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) and the record for Rams and Patriots, but it can tell you things like the year Tom Brady was drafted. , the university that a particular player attended, and information about both rusted teams like “Who is the first recipient for the Rams?”

I know the fantasy football season is long gone, but if you are interested in the performance of an individual player you can ask for a live game update for a player. Siri can also help you answer Super Bowl questions that are not related to sports.

Microsoft Cortana uses intelligence from the Bing search engine to provide answers to questions. QB Tom Brady and clearing the way for RB Sony Michel, who has scored five touches in this play-off season.

In the game, The Bing Pr dets Statistics and highlights can also be viewed on Bing.com. Bing can get details in summary statistics. With Cortana, you can’t ask anything about regular season statistics or playoffs, “Which NFL players have the most touches in the last two minutes of the playoff season this season?” Or “Which NFL.

Cortana has released the Super Bowl prediction for many years, but these trends continue for good reason.