Woke guide for the Super Bowl

The two weeks between NFL playoffs and Super Bowl are often extremely boring. The same interviews, the same analysis for a game that Vegas chose exactly a month ago. But thanks to Donald Trump, this year that’s different.

After decades of adhering to the “sports-related” mantra, sports fans finally admitted that sport is political. Sport is a reflection of our values ​​and this Sunday’s football match is the most political Super Bowl of the Decade.

You can take part in a close game, you can imitate your gambling interests, but you know this: If you start for New England patriots in Atlanta Falcons, you won’t give up. missed the solid support of Donald Trump.

This is not a bitter talk with the New England Patriots. This is an acknowledgment that sport is political, and originating for this year’s team has political implications.

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The warning from fans and some sports experts is that entertainment and politics are serious business and both must be lying and lying. Sport has always been political in America, especially for blacks.

Standing on the background of all these stories is the solid backing of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for President Donald Trump. A story that has been touched by great sportsmen like Dave Zirin.

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Sports and material are political in America. Whether it’s on the Miracle on the ice or teams opposing Donald Sterling or hosting veterans at games, original friends and what they stand for problems.

Under a bragging president and a team whose leaders openly associate with him, there is no separation of your values ​​from those you rooted this Sunday. This weekend, when you sit down to watch the Super Bowl, show that you care about this country, democracy, style and diversity. See the Super Bowl as an American, not a patriot.