Youtube community voted Best Pokemon Super Bowl Trailer

The 20th anniversary of the Pokemon trailer has just been voted the most attractive video on Youtube that was shown at the Super Bowl event. For Pokemon fans, 2016 must be a very special number when playing the role of a landmark celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the most powerful empires in the entertainment industry.

The power of Pokemon during that time not only stretched out with games or cartoons, but also reached out to countless other aspects. To commemorate such a memorable journey, the owner of The Pokemon Company released a trailer with the theme “Train On”, bringing together the content of two real and virtual values, giving the community a recall of dreams. every day when I was little.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pokemon trailer

Although it was posted on YouTube before the 2016 Super Bowl event officially took place, the trailer immediately transmitted with tremendous speed and attracted great interest.

Until the time the article was made, Trailer Pokemon Superbowl attracted over 20 million views. On the first day of official appearance on the Internet, Trailer attracted 41,000 social network interactions with 88 percent positive feedback.

The trailer is currently holding 124,000 likes with 6,400 Dislike turns. With these impressive numbers, Pokemon Superbowl officially took the top spot in the YouTube community vote through “YouTube AdBlitz 2016”, beating T-Mobile, Mountain Dew, Mobile Strike or KFC trailers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pokemon trailer

However, to achieve that title, The Pokemon Company also had to spend a lot of money. The version was screened at the Super Bowl for a mere 30 seconds, but it also cost the Japanese game company $ 5 million – a huge amount to exchange for 30 seconds. fox. However, with a statistic of every 10 people who said they cried while watching the trailer, this is still a great success for Pokemon, as well as demonstrating the emotional value still has a strong impact after 20 years of journey.